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50 years ago, the E-type was rightly proclaimed as the most beautiful car in the world by Enzo Ferrari. In our opinion, he is still right today. We retain and enhance the timeless beauty of this classic original, whilst exploiting 21st century technology to bring the driving experience and performance up to date.

This works in perfect synergy with our sister company Aero Legends, which operate Supermarine Spitfires, considered to be one of the most beautiful aircraft, as the UK’s largest vintage aircraft passenger business.

Each car we create is to a bespoke customer specification resulting in a unique and individual car.

This can be with any styling including convertible, lightweight, and coupe in full aluminium, carbon fibre or steel, or a mixture of these materials.

Our preferred engine choice and unique selling point is our 7.0 litre all aluminium V8 with power up to 1,000BHP and utilising a 6 speed automatic, 6 speed manual or a 6 speed Quaife sequential transmission.

This is combined with an all new competition derived suspension system including race derived ABS and traction control and a custom anti-bias differential to ensure safe delivery of the increased power.