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A modern fuel injection and ignition system for your V12 E-type with four fuel injection throttle bodies replacing the Stromberg carburettors.


 We are excited to launch our new fuel injection and distributorless ignition kit for V12 E-Types. The kit replaces the four Stromberg carburettors whilst retaining the original factory look with four custom made injection throttle bodies which use the original carburettor dash pots. Twin coil packs replace the distributor and both are controlled by a powerful, state-of-the-art ECU.

This kit is another product developed by Motor Legends to improve the driving experience of classic Jaguars whilst retaining the original aesthetic appearance. It complements the Motor Legends six speed automatic gearbox conversion perfectly resulting in a fantastic driver’s car.

The benefits are more precise fuelling and ignition timing just as you would expect from your modern daily driver. The kit uses four modern Bosch fuel injectors with larger 2” throttle bodies giving improved  breathing compared to the original 1.75” carburettors.

This kit, which gives you all the necessary components, is designed to be fitted by any competent home mechanic and is completely reversible. It uses the existing inlet manifolds, air boxes and throttle linkage. The ECU is mappable for any engine specification but comes with a proven map for a standard engine and we can supply alternate maps for larger capacity engines.

Motor Legends will be providing an on line help service for anyone fitting one of these kits.
Shipping is world wide.

Parts included in the kit are:

4 x new bespoke throttle bodies with Bosch high performance injectors
Fuel rail and pipes
Throttle body linkage
Coil packs, plug leads and full set of performance spark plugs
ECU loaded with  ignition and fuel maps
Fuel and ignition wiring loom
Electronic air valve
Polished stainless steel vacuum balance pipework
Lambda sensor and boss
Coolant temp sensor
Air temp sensor
Crankshaft position sensor
Fuel pump and anti-vibration mounting bracket
3D printed coil-pack and ECU covers
Crank sensor trigger wheel and sensor mount
Vacuum balance pipework
3D print coil cover and ECU box
All hoses, stainless steel clips and fasteners required

Full fitting instructions and online help service

Price £7,995 + VAT if applicable