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Based on an original series 3 E-type with the benefits of increased leg room and interior space, the Motor Legends E-type can be styled to your personal preference.

This can blend the gorgeous styling cues of the series 1 or 2 E-type with the practicality of the more spacious series 3 to create the ultimate driving E-type, built around you.

Our bespoke fitting service ensures that the car is supremely comfortable, making it a joy for you to drive.

The typical powertrain consists of our all new 9.2 litre alloy V12 with power outputs up to 1,000BHP.

This can be mated to either a 6 speed manual, 6 speed automatic or 6 speed sequential transmission.

The suspension and braking systems have been completely reengineered to control the prodigious power now available.

The latest generation coil over spring units now control the redesigned suspension all round with an all new double wishbone rear system. Powerful new brakes and wider, modern tyres combined with a new anti-bias differential ensure sublime handling and braking all kept in harness by ABS and switchable traction control.

This is an E-type you will truly want to drive.

The interior styling can be tailored to your bespoke requirements with a choice of any E-type interior styling cue. This can be customised where you want and includes modern levels of luxury and comfort with air conditioning, electric windows and seats and remote central locking.

Our state of the art CGI design service allows you to play a crucial role in the design of your dream car from conception to reality.


Take your Motor Legends E-type to the ultimate specification with our Performance Plus Pack consisting of:

9.2 litre alloy V12 – 1,000BHP naturally aspirated
Full titanium lightweight exhaust system
Lightweight carbon brake discs with uprated calipers
Ohlins adjustable dampers with uprated springs